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Give your time volunteering and experience the true essence of the Kenyan culture through living and working within the local community. Do something helpful and supportive in Africa.   

Kenya is a country which needs the most aid and volunteering is a fantastic start. You will fall in love with the people, the communities, the wildlife and the intensely diverse African culture. So stop dreaming about it and embark on your search for a splendid volunteer project today. more


Choose to spend a more meaningful vacation, participate in a service project, and contribute your valuable time to work with children centres in Kenya .You have the opportunity to help children in need. Those children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, children who have been abused by their parents and children whose parents are not able to provide for them. These kids need love, attention, life skills and education so they can have successful futures free from poverty and filled with the same opportunities like others.more


HIV/AIDS Situation in Kenya
HIV Infected: 1.25 million1
AIDS Deaths: 150,0001
AIDS Orphans: 650,0001

Kenya has a severe, generalized HIV epidemic. It has been hit hard by the  epidemic with approximately 1.25 million adults and over 100,000 children infected. The Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) 2003 found a prevalence rate of 9 percent in adult women and 5 percent in adult men.more