Volunteer Project Types



Kenya has been hit hard by the HIV / AIDS epidemic. The aim of the HIV / AIDS is to fight stigma, support prevention and increase the availability of treatment, care and support for those infected by HIV /AIDS within the community.

The current data shows that the virus is still spreading and that women are infected at a younger age than men. Women are more vulnerable than men because of gender inequality. They also lack the power to determine where, when and how sex takes place. Men have more sex partners than women, including more extra marital partners, thereby increasing their own and their primary partners' risk of contracting HIV.

As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work in a community HIV / AIDS organization to assist with decrease the spread of HIV through raising awareness, homecare visit to HIV positive people , educate about safe sex practice, counsel community, increasing access to medical care and providing emotional support to those infected by the virus within the community. This role is suitable for a caring, motivated and self-directed person. Medical training is necessary or a background in HIV /AIDS and basic health care.