Volunteers Placement Community Development Africa Foundation was founded in the year 2008 to provide economic support to five children orphanage and two community schools in Kenya, Africa. With the help of the volunteers working in these community-based organizations,   V P C D A discovered that, the needs in these community-based organizations are enormous and they are still not met. Support would be required in order to meet that need. The Foundation was then formed to be involved in local charities working to help the most deprived by improving the living conditions of hundreds of children and removes them from the threat of hunger.  

Vision of V P C D A Foundation
"To save Africa through Africans"

Mission of the Foundation
Aims at providing support to needy children in five children orphanage and two community schools in Kenya.

The foundation runs various programs and fundraisers:


This will ensure that, our goal of bringing about social change and improve the quality of life for the children, to educate, feed and other social and material support is met.

Below is a list of community-based organizations who are beneficiaries of the Foundation.

●Hope for Orphans rehabilitation centre
●Dream children's home
●Tumaini children's home
●Rehema children's home
●Nanyuki children's home
●Kwa Macharia community primary school
●Gitero community primary school

Support for these children living in the mentioned list of community - based organizations is critical and V P C D A Foundation programmes include :

●Targeted food and nutritional support.
●We respond to our local community needs in building of classrooms and toilets for community schools.
●Equipping orphans with uniforms, stationeries, shoes and other social and material support.
●Caregiver training.
●Support for access to education .

Whereas free and compulsory primary education has allowed many children throughout Kenya to go to school, challenges of transition to Secondary school remain with financing a major problem. Yet it is the dream of every Primary school pupil to proceed to Secondary school and eventually to university where they can pursue careers of their choice for a better future. Research shows that, financing education is challenge to government and households. One can therefore imagine how difficult it is for a child living in a children's home to be provided with education. Although the desire for education is there, the lack of school fees lead many children to discontinue their education. Failure to proceed to secondary school it denies a chance of those who have performed well at primary school an opportunity to improve their lot. It is at this stage V P C D A Foundation come in and try to enable the deserving children attain higher education. The foundation is transforming the lives of many and building a better Kenya.

While we endeavour through the Foundation policy, to leave a mark on the lives of this children, we realise that, some of global citizens are keen to ‘leave a footprint' in the areas that we assist by supporting the charitable work of the above community-based organizations . V P C D A foundation welcomes every person from all countries of origin and residence the chance to channel their donations to support the orphans and vulnerable children living in the community-based organizations in a structured manner. The needs are enormous and they are still not met. Support would be required in order to meet that need. We are happy to give any willing donor the opportunity to effect positive change in all these areas which we support in a bid to better our country Kenya

We also welcome willing people of this world to donate school supplies, sponsor scholarships and support the building of rural schools. In spite of the lack of adequate facilities at school, these children have an unwavering thirst for education. No contribution is too small, everyone makes a difference !   

Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege .

Imagine building a school to improve the education of the village children ? Do more than imagine.............To make donation to support orphans and deprived children living in the above listed community - based organizations  in Kenya. Please send checks and money orders payable to:

Volunteers Placement Community Development Africa.
P.O. Box 27061-00100
Kenya, Africa

If you would like more information about making a contribution to V P C D A Foundation, please contact our Treasurer, Rozina at

Thank you for your interest and support!