Volunteer with V P C D A for a lifetime of experience by living and working at the heart of a local community as a volunteer.

Volunteering will also give a personal satisfaction of using your skills to have a lasting impact in the fight against poverty.

As a V P C D A volunteer you will :

  • -Get exposure and get to experience new cultures.

-Have necessary support for you to effectively perform your roles and responsibities while in Kenya.

-Get to share your skills in another part of the world and have great and positive impact on communities and on your personal growth.

We provide opportunities for our volunteers to make real connections with the local communities, learning about their cultures and the environment in which they live. Therefore, we arrange home stays for volunteers to interact closely and share in the local lifestyle. However if this is not favourable we organize for a volunteer house close to the areas of placement.

Placement Requirements

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have no major health problems
  • A medical background is required for the Medical/Health Program
  • Some related experience is required for the HIV/AIDS programs.

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